Serious Issues bedeviling the University of California – Berkeley

University of California- Berkeley


Serious Issues bedeviling the University of California – Berkeley

As one of the prestigious Universities in the United States, University of California- Berkeley, is a dream to many would-be university students.

As such it is assumed that the University do not lack anything in as far as the students’ enrolment as well as financial endowment is concerned. Its position as one of the most sought after Universities guarantees that it receives more applications for all faculties in is offering. Besides serving the Californian students, it has to content with stiff applicants from other states of the United States of America and many more students from overseas.

However, this is not the case. Recent internal documents have stated that the University has some serious issues which it need to be tackled in order to maintain its prestige streak. They are mentioned below:


Finances:  Finances are a critical aspect of any institutions management. University of California – Berkeley, with a financial endowment of over 3.7 billion USD still has to struggle with its budget. This situation is serious to warrant the Chancellor’s attention. It is mentioned that the University require revamping of all aspects of its finances. These would naturally include overhauling of its expenditure on athletics, buildings, academic and finance administration structure as well as how its generates income and attracts philanthropy. This review is necessary because in its financial years 2015-2016, it is anticipated to post a deficit of about $ 150 million. This shows that its operating expenses are more than its perceived revenues.

Spending cuts: One of the reasons fronted for the current financial woes is that fact that the Government of California has been steadily cutting its funding to this University. From the highs of about 50% of its total annual budgets, the Government funding has dwindled continuously to the current 13% as reflected in its 2014-2015 financial report. This situation became more pronounced after the 2008 financial recession. Moat Government froze funding to even the most prestigious jewels of their University education.

Private vs. Public dilemma: UC-Berkeley is a public University. Its dependence on Government has made its ranking out of the best universities decline worldwide. From being a crown University being ranked as top 5 in the 1980s – and a home to seven Nobel laureates – it has consistently struggled through the last decade and currently managed to stick to a paltry no. 20 ranking. Al the 17 other Universities ahead of it in ranking are private. Private universities have the flexibility to source adequate funding and expand their academic and administrative structures. They also pride having several income-generating units such as medical facilities.

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