In this website you will find a classification of the best public and private universities of the United States with essential information to choose one of them.

The five best public universities

  • University of California Berkeley
    • Seal_of_University_of_California,_Berkeley.svgClassified as the best public and recognized university to produce a large number of businessmen. It is located in Berkeley, California. It is the third best university in engineering, the fourth in social sciences and the first one in mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences.Over 35,000 students attend classes in 14 colleges and schools, offering 350 degree programs of degrees, engineers, masters and doctorates in different disciplines. It provides classical and practical education for state residents.


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  • University of California” Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • university-of-california-uclaUCLA is the second best public university and has the largest number of students in the state of California and is the most popular university in terms of applications for admission to the United States. It is located in Westwood (Los Angeles).It offers 337 undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of specialties. With a student body of about 29,000 undergraduates and 13,000 graduate students.


  • University of Virginia
    • 948383university_of_virginiaThe University of Virginia known as UVA, is public and is considered the highest-ranking university and 24 in general. It is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.UVA is the only American university considered a World Heritage Site.It is governed by a code of honor which gives confidence to students to control it. But if this code breaks the student is expelled immediately from the university without possibility of re-entering.
  • University of Michigan “Ann Arbor”
    • touch-icon-ipad-retinaIs one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States and is located in the state of Michigan.Has a total of 28 faculties and colleges with over 55,000 students enrolled.U of A has a large research budget more than any other university in the United States and one of the largest alumni templates. Also it includes one of the most important Medical centres in the United States, the University of Michigan Health System.It is renowned for its large student activism and their sports teams.
  • Universidad de Carolina del Norte en Chapel Hill
    • bluesealhiresIs a public university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States. Is one of three schools to claim the title of the oldest public university in the United States.  And one of the original eight Public Ivy schools.Academic offer:Carolina offers 78 bachelors, 112 masters, 68 doctorate and seven professional degree programs through its 14 schools and the College of Arts and Sciences.


The five best private universities

  • Princeton University
    • irs_logoThe university has been associated with 41 Nobel laureates, 21 National Medal of Science winners, 14 Fields Medalists, the most Abel Prize winners and Fields Medalists  of any university, 10 Turing Award laureates, five National Humanities Medal recipients, 209 Rhodes Scholars, and 126 Marshall Scholars. Two U.S. Presidents, 12 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and numerous living billionaires.


  • Harvard University
    • harvard_shield_wreathThe university has been associated with eight U.S. presidents, several foreign heads of state, 62 living billionaires, 335 Rhodes Scholars, and 242 Marshall Scholars, 150 Nobel laureates, 18 Fields Medalists and 13 Turing Award winners.

Harvard University offers unparalleled student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments.


  • Yale University
    • Yale_University_LogoIs a private university in New Haven, Connecticut.Yale has graduated many notable alumni, including five U.S. Presidents, 19 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, 13 living billionaires, and many foreign heads of state.In addition, Yale has graduated hundreds of members of Congress and many high-level U.S. diplomats. 52 Nobel laureates, 5 Fields Medalists, 230 Rhodes Scholars, and 118 Marshall Scholars have been affiliated with the University.
  • California Institute of Technology
    • California_Institute_of_Technology_170694California Institute of Technology is a private university in Pasadena, California, United States.Caltech is one of the world’s best universities. Caltech alumni include 34 Nobel Prizes, 1 Fields Medalist, 6 Turing Award winners, and 71 have won the United States National Medal of Science or Technology.

      Numerous faculty members are associated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as well as NASA.

  • Stanford University
    • logo_of_stanford_universityIs a private university in Stanford, California.

      Stanforda alumni include 30 living billionaires, 17 astronauts, and 20 Turing Award laureates. It is also one of the leading producers of members of the United States Congress. Sixty Nobel laureates and seven Fields Medalists have been affiliated with Stanford as students, alumni, faculty or staff.